Whistle Stop Tour Planned for National School Choice Week

2013's National School Choice Week, looking to improve on last year's growth, is taking the "national" part seriously. To promote the adoption of school choice policies around the country, advocates will be going on a whistle-stop train tour all over the country that will visit both coasts and everywhere in between.

In addition to the tour, over the course of the week 3,000+ independent events have already been scheduled, all with the aim of winning over more people in the fight to make the best educational options available to all American kids. The spotlight will shine especially brightly on organizations and schools that have embraced the school choice ethos and used it to start and grow a revolution in the US educational system.

The National School Choice Week Special — a historic railcar — will depart Los Angeles Union Station on January 25, 2013 and arrive in New York on February 2, 2013. Parents, students, community leaders, education organizations and elected officials of both parties will host 14 very special events along the tour's route.

Those interested in following along, or those who wish to meet the tour at a local event, can check out the schedule and the route map on the School Choice Week website. The tour will kick off in Los Angeles, California on January 25th, 2013, and after making 14 stops including Albuquerque, New Mexico, Chicago, Illinois, Cleveland, Ohio, Erie Pennsylvania and Albany, New York, it will conclude on February 2nd at New York City's historic Pennsylvania Station in Midtown Manhattan.

But one doesn't have to greet the School Choice train as it pulls into the station in order to contribute to the celebration of broader academic access. Those who wish to attend a National School Choice Week event can organize one of their own. Those who simply want to contribute to the cause in some small way can get tips by following NSCW on Facebook and Twitter, advertise on the event website or even submit an opinion piece on the importance of giving parents the freedom to make the best educational decisions for their children.

With bold strokes, our generation can — and will — make its mark on the tapestry of our national experience. Social change isn't just something we read about in history books. It's something we can make a reality, and in the process, secure for ourselves not only a place in history books yet unwritten, but secure for our country a brighter and more prosperous future where no child is denied the opportunity to attend the best schools possible.

We will do this together, but only if we're all on board.

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