Trump Touts Patriotism, Pledge of Allegiance in Schools

(Photo: Flickr, Creative Commons)

(Photo: Flickr, Creative Commons)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has promised to require schoolchildren across America to be taught more respect for patriotic values if he is elected president this fall.

In his speech, Trump said that not only would children be taught patriotism, but they also need to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

"We will stop apologizing for America, and we will start celebrating America," he said. "We will be united by our common cultures, values, and principles, becoming one American nation, one country under the one constitution, saluting one American flag—always saluting."

Trump went on to say that if elected, his administration would consult with the American Legion in an effort to promote "pride and patriotism" in schools. He added that children need to learn the history of the United States, as well as its institutions and heroes.

He also said that children would be taught respect for the American flag and the pledge.

"That flag deserves respect, and I will work with American Legion to help to strengthen respect for our flag," said Trump. "You see what's happening. It's very, very sad. And, by the way, we want young Americans to recite the pledge of allegiance."

The promise comes right after the presidential hopeful arrived home from a trip to Mexico, and follows his anti-immigration speech meant to further push his ideal of "Americanism" through his policies pertaining to illegal immigration and deportation. Trump vowed in the speech to deport millions of illegal immigrants.

The recent visit to Mexico had spurred suggestions that Trump would soften his approach. However, upon his return he renewed his promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants and to build a wall which would separate the United States from Mexico. He noted that he still plans to make Mexico pay for the 2,000-mile wall, which he said would have sensors, towers, and guards.

Trump announced that he would continue with his plan to use "deportation force" in an effort to obtain those who were crossing the border illegally and to find criminal illegal aliens who were already in the country. "We are going to take our country back," he said.

To emphasize his point, he brought on stage "angel moms" who had their children killed by illegal immigrants. He then discussed a plan to cancel a program enacted by the Obama administration offering work permits to 800,000 immigrants who arrived in the United States as children, writes Dan Roberts for The Guardian.

Trump has received repeated criticism over his position concerning Mexican and Muslim immigration, as well as comments he has made pertaining to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that has caused some to wonder how much effort the candidate would put into protecting some European countries, writes Jim Provance for The Blade.

He has also come under fire for things he has said about the parents of a Muslim-American soldier who was killed while fighting to protect the United States of America, as well as the time spent by US Senator John McCain as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

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