Pennsylvania Lawmaker Seeks Ban on Axe Spray in Schools

A Pennsylvania lawmaker is eager to ban the use of fragrance sprays by students when they go to school, as Andrew Staub from Watchdog reports. The state representative of Northampton, Marcia Hahn, want to bring new legislation in that disallows students to come to school having used body spray, cologne, perfume and deodorants.

The legislation might sound strange at first, but what it aims to achieve is actually rather serious. At Freedom High School in Bethlehem during the spring season had a very serious allergic reaction to a body spray. As a result of the reaction hospitalization was required and now the student has to take online classes. The legislation aims to avoid such a disaster in the future by removing the use of any fragrances altogether.

The proposal sounds odd, but its inspiration is serious. A student at Freedom High School in Bethlehem this spring had a severe allergic reaction to Axe Body Spray — a staple among high-school-aged boys — and was taken to the hospital. He now takes cyber classes.

Hahn does admit the legislation might not be fair on the students and that there are concerns about the problem of making sure the legislation is adhered to. It will be very difficult to keep an eye on all of the students with regards to what odor they are giving out.

She goes on to say that if there is legislation out there that has very little chance of being enforced then it will not do much to improve matters.

To get more support for the proposal Hahn is looking for a co-sponsor, although Michael LaPorta, principal of Freedom High School is not optimistic about the possibility of policing the legislation. She thinks that a school with over 2,000 students is going to provide too much strain on the teachers if they have to stop and check the students on a regular basis.

"Kids that don't take showers don't want to walk around all day with body odor, so some of them will put cologne on or whatever," LaPorta said.

Officials asked students to refrain from using the body spray, but the student had another reaction earlier this year when he tried to return.

The legislation can be somewhat enforced by making clear what the rules are for the students. This means that handbooks need to be given out and signs around the school need to be put up to repeatedly remind the students of what the rules are.

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