Parents Commit to New York Student Lobbyist Association

The Parent Power Project has signed a resolution joining the Student Lobbyist Association, a New York-statewide parent movement to push local school districts to implement teacher evaluations.

The Student Lobbyist Association is a campaign set up by students, parents, faith leaders, and education advocates across the State of New York that supports Governor Cuomo's efforts to save struggling schools, implement a new model for teacher evaluations and to appoint an Education Commissioner.

The campaign looks to bring students and parents around the State to support the self-proclaimed "Student Lobbyist" and his proposed efforts to implement an effective teacher evaluation system and prioritize performance and improvement.

Carrie Remis from the Parent Power Project said:

"Governor Cuomo has delivered for our students by giving New York one of the toughest teacher evaluation systems in the nation.

"Now our district and teachers have to come together and faithfully implement the Governor's model so that we can have real accountability in our schools. We applaud Governor Cuomo for putting our students first."

The Student Lobbyist Association resolution vows to urge the Rochester School District to implement Governor Andrew Cuomo's education reform agenda "because it will improve our schools by putting students first."

Having joined, the members of the Rochester Student Lobbyist Association will be committed to improving schools by demanding new teacher evaluation systems which hold teachers, principals and administrators accountable, and to realign our spending to improve student performance.

As part of the Student Lobbyist Association, the Parent Power Project commits to "phone bank, write letters and emails, and meet with our elected officials to gain their support."

They also commit to spreading the importance of Cuomo's agenda to friends, neighbors, teachers and principals, pressing the need for the new evaluation system. Rochester was the first district in the state to submit its teacher evaluation plan and addendum, which was negotiated by Rochester Teachers Union and Superintendent Bolgen Vargas.

Parent and former Rochester School Board Commissioner Allen Williams said:

"Teacher evaluation reform is arguably the most important moment in public education of the last thirty years and this district has squandered the chance to bring real, substantive change for our children."

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