Obama’s 2015 Budget Targets Education for Low-Income Families


President Barack Obama has announced his administration’s 2015 budget, calling on Congress to approve help for low income families with education, aid the country’s dated schools, fix the nation’s infrastructure, and make certain tax cuts more permanent.

According to ed.gov, President Obama plans to help struggling families send their young children to preschool and get educators and school districts the resources and technology they need to effectively teach students and help them learn.

According to Roger Runningen of bloomberg.com, the President also proposes a permanent extension of the American Opportunity Tax Credit, helping students who receive the Pell Grant to simplify their taxes, and giving student loan borrowers, under certain circumstances, a tax break.

However, Republicans largely do not agree with President Obama’s proposed 2015 budget, state Jeff Mason, Mark Felsenthal, and David Lawder of Reuters. Many Republicans see President Obama’s budget plan as a campaign ad to boost the Democrats’ chances in the upcoming Congressional elections. The writers insists that the budget plan will not pass through Congress as the House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans.

Republicans have argued that the budget planned by the Obama administration does not allow much room for the Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid programs that aid the elderly and disabled. They also maintain that the President is spending and borrowing too much money and taxing American citizens too harshly.

By contrast, the Democrats insist that they are trying to fight poverty and help the economy with their new budget and approach. To encourage low income adults to keep working, the president proposed an Earned Income Tax Credit.

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