NYC Parents Suing DOE over Charter School Closing


Success Academy Harlem Central Middle School is being closed by Mayor Bill de Blasio says WABC-TV, New York City, New York. The mayor said that the charter school was displacing space that is needed for children with disabilities. Parents of students at the school claim that their children are being robbed of their constitutional rights to an "adequate education".

Under Michael Bloomberg's administration, three charter schools were given co-locations with public schools. In addition to the Success Harlem reversal, two new Success schools, Success Academy City Hall and Success Academy Jamaica, will not open as a result of the co-location reversals. Success City Hall was slated to open in Murry Bergtraum High School in Lower Manhattan, and Success Jamaica would have opened in August Martin High School.

Not only will the Harlem parents be filing a federal law suit, they will also be filing, according to Eliza Shapiro, writing for Capital, " two complaints with state education commissioner John King regarding all three co-locations." Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of the Success Charter School Network, was quoted as saying,

"This is not just about the 194 scholars that we love, this is not just about Harlem Central, this is about our city, our state and our country."

New York City Schools' Chancellor Carmen Farina has stated that the city will have a place for the 194 Harlem students who have been dislocated from the space they had been promised. However, a few days prior to this statement, Ms. Farina had been quoted as saying that the charter school and its students would be "on their own."

Success Academy spokeswoman Kerri Lyon said school officials are glad to hear that Farina "has heard the pleas" of families who want their school to continue. But they are still vowing to fight the ruling.

No one from the city had formally explained, according to PrincipalAndrew Malone, what the solution to this problem is going to be, Time Warner Cable Newsvia NY1 News has reported.

Last week , New York Governor Andrew Cuomo supported a large pro-charter school rally at the state capitol. On the steps of the capitol building, while Mayor de Blasio was inside pushing universal pre-K and middle school after-school programs, Cuomo pledged his total support to the charter school proponents and assured them that he would work to ensure space and funding for the schools.

Inside, de Blasio was not winning many supporters for his suggested tax increase to accrue the money necessary for his two pet programs. Taxing wealthy New York City residents was deemed an unfair maneuver by Governor Cuomo, and unjust to poorer areas of the state.

Outside, Cuomo was joined in the charter school rally by Eva Moskowitz, of Success Charter School Network who is a long-time political rival of Mayor de Blasio reported WABC-TV, New York. Also reported was a soon to be released, multi-million dollar ad campaign being produced by Ms. Moskowitz and airing charter school advocates' objections to Mayor de Blasio's actions.

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