NY Parents Thank Gov. Cuomo for Teacher Accountability Drive

The Buffalo District Parent Coordinating Council has released a statement applauding Governor Cuomo for his leadership over teacher accountability and evaluation system reform.

As Governor Cuomo and Education Commissioner John King have announced a deal with the teachers' union over a new evaluation system for New York State that prioritizes student achievement, the lobby group who have been backing Cuomo from the start have released a statement congratulating him.

Students, parents, faith leaders, and education advocates across the State of New York launched district branches of the "Student Lobbyist Association," a campaign that supports Governor Cuomo – the self proclaimed "lobbyist for the students" and his efforts to reform teacher evaluations and to appoint an Education Commissioner.

"Governor Cuomo's revolutionary teacher evaluation system sets a high standard in the law that is innovative and strong and will deliver the results our students need," a press release said.

"With this new evaluation system, our schools will have one the most comprehensive accountability systems in the nation. We commend Governor Cuomo for his dedication to our children."

The District Parent Coordinating Council of Buffalo endorsed Governor Cuomo's education reform agenda and joined the Student Lobbyist Association and ReformED to put student's first.

Executive Director of Buffalo ReformED, Hannya Boulos, said:

"I commend Governor Cuomo for facilitating an agreement to create a transformative teacher evaluation system that finally pushes politics aside and focuses on the real objective of improving New York's education system.

"Students have been forced to be a part of a system that was internally broken, as New York State outspends the rest of nation on education, yet is only ranked 38th in graduation rates. The Governor has cut right to the heart of the issue and helped those who have suffered the most: our students. A stronger and more effective teacher evaluation benefits both students and teachers, by clearing the path for improved instruction and professional development opportunities. This is the first big step in turning our schools around. "

Governor Cuomo's proposal set a high standard for an innovative and strong teacher evaluation system into New York State Law. The agreement confirms New York State as a national leader in the current drive to hold teachers accountable for student achievement.

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