New Index to Rank Districts on Policy and Practice

The Brown Center on Education Policy at Brookings is set to launch the Education Choice and Competition Index (ECCI) – an interactive web application that scores large school districts based on policy and practice.

In a report about the ECCI, Grover J. Whitehurst, the director of the Brown Center, says:

"The wide availability of school choice based on valid information on school performance and with consequences for schools based on their popularity is, we believe, a foundation for progress."

The institute is also about to publish the Index's initial rankings of the 25 largest school districts in America, having developed a scoring guide that elaborates on the metrics used to evaluate the various school districts.

New York City scored best and came out on top of the rankings, while at the bottom of the list Orange County and Florida received D grades.

Subsequent versions will expand from its initial 25 to include at least the largest 100 school districts.

The ECCI was created to inform and provide a consumer-relevant measure of the degree of choice and competition within large school districts.

Whitehurst claims that the intent of the ECCI is to:

"… create public awareness of the differences among districts in their support of school choice, provide a framework for efforts to improve choice and competition, and recognize leaders among school districts in the design and implementation of choice and competition systems."

The index is set to identify areas that school districts can change and expand choice, maximizing the chances and options for parents looking to enroll their child in schools suited to their needs and that really prefer. It also looks to enhance the quality of information on school performance to support parents in making school choice.

The ECCI was released to coincide with a new event that set out to explore the future of education reform and the role of school choice.

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