Government Departments Collaborate on Learning Registry

The U.S. Departments of Education and Defense have announced a collaborative "Learning Registry," an open source community and technology designed to improve the quality and availability of learning resources in education.

The launch is a significant milestone in the effort to share information about learning resources more effectively among stakeholders in the education community.

"Learning Registry addresses a real problem in education, by bridging the silos that prevent educators from sharing valuable information and resources," said Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

"The Registry also allows content developers, curriculum coordinators, principals, counselors, and everyone else who supports good teaching in the classroom to benefit from the combined knowledge of the field."

The project was facilitated by a $2.6 million investment, with the Departments of Education and Defense contributing $1.3 million each to the effort.

Learning Registry is a completely new communication system, that dispenses of existing websites, while still aiming to allow existing educational portals and online systems to publish, consume and share important information about learning resources with each other and the public, while respecting the privacy of individual users.

Basic data about grade levels, subject area and author can be shared through Learning Registry, as well as more complex data such as curricular standards alignment information.

And the platform's innovative data sharing also allows user activities to be shared anonymously, such as elementary teachers, or those focused on working with migrant students who find a specific resource particularly useful.

The Learning Registry community and technology are an open, community-supported activity intended to create opportunities for future innovation in areas that are just now starting to be explored. Any organization or individual can contribute to or use the technology and open source license permits integration into other open projects, and in commercial applications.

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