Generation Opportunity Survey Finds Young People Want Jobs

Generation Opportunity is the largest non-profit, non-partisan organization involved in engaging young Americans with the important economic issues facing the US. Having launched in June 2011. Generation Opportunity has already amassed a Facebook following of over four million fans and is actively organizing Millennials across the country by encouraging increased voter registration and turnout.

As part of their informational education initiatives, Generation Opportunity has recently released new polling data in anticipation of the forthcoming 2012 Presidential election that shows young adults have their eyes and minds on the economy.

Paul T. Conway, president of Generation Opportunity and a former Chief of Staff at the US Department of Labor said:

"Young adults are sending a very clear message to the President and other elected officials – we want opportunities, not more dependency. The availability of meaningful, full-time jobs that provide the opportunity to be independent and to plan for their future is far more important to young Americans than issues such as student loan rates and further dependency on their parents' healthcare plan. Young people know the root issue is the lack of real job opportunities, not further dependence on government, so that they are better able to provide for themselves, pay back loans, and choose the health care plans that best suit their individual needs. This generation is very savvy – they are used to customizing everything from their coffees to their iPhones and do not appreciate the lack of choice in the most significant issues they face: planning for their future and building a career.

Key conclusions from their polling are that: 64% of people aged 18-29 believes that the availability of quality jobs upon graduation is more important than low student loan rates; 61% say that the availability of jobs with health insurance plans is more important than being able to stay on their parents plan until they reach age 26; only 38% believe that the political leaders of today reflect their own interests.

The survey further revealed that because of the lackluster state of the US economy, 84% of young people are delaying a planned major purchase or life change such as buying a home, going back to further their education or saving for retirement. 26% of young people have delayed an initial plan to pay off their student loans because of the current state of the economy.

Slightly better news for the President, however, is that despite being turned off by his focus on allowing them increased dependency rather than the means to look after themselves with a quality job, 74% of Millennials plan to vote for President Obama.

The survey has an overall 3.1% sampling margin of error at a 95% confidence interval and was conducted from a random selection of opt-in participants. Quotas were used to ensure the sample population was representative of the national 18-29 population in terms of race, region and gender.

09 10, 2012
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