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Charge reviews that addresses the County area are individually compiled by the Georgia Crime Examiner. These reviews are for local news purposes only. PCSO View all 5 photos fbi.gov Listed below may be the County charge document for Sunday May 10, 2015. The report includes a complete listing of arrests, data regarding bonding data, previous arrests and accessible inmate photos. All info is attained in the County Sheriff’s Office except specified otherwise. These folks were busted and incurred with all the violations given below. Click on the embedded links within each record to see the whole prior arrests report. Links to arrests just before 2009 will not be involved.

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Amanda Lynn Campbell, thirty, of Rockmart was arrested and incurred with DUI (liquor) and inability to maintain lane. After placing residence ties totaling $ 1, Campbell premiered exactly the same day. Jerry Garrett, 58, of Rockmart charged and was caught with driving-while license stopped and faulty equipment. Garrett premiered on 5/12 after placing home ties totaling $1,760. Esteven Vorgas Gonzales, 45, of Rome was charged and billed with DUI (alcohol) and driving-while license suspended. Gonzales was released on 5/11 after submitting residence bonds totaling $3,222. Ricky Merideth of Temple was caught on warrants for three counts malfunction to appear in probate judge.

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Merideth was launched on 5/11 after paying $670. View also (7/18/2014) Cathy Nelms, of Cedartown was charged on the warrant for inability to surface in municipal court. Nelms stays during the time with this newsletter in custody. A $965 income attachment continues to be set. View also (4/4/2014) The arrest stories through this list do not replicate the actual shame or purity of individuals or the patient stated. All events are presumed innocent until they’re confirmed not innocent in a courtroom of legislation. Fee or its essay writing service not all charge contributes to a confidence. An acquittal or a is going to be based on the court program.

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