MUSE School Investing in Sustainable Tech

MUSE School in CA has partnered with daylighting provider Solatube International Inc. in a continuation of its commitment to sustainable school design.

MUSE School, CA, has invested in sustainable design by partnering with Solatube International Inc. to have their tubular daylighting systems installed throughout the campus.

The MUSE team has signed up for the Living Building Challenge to show its commitment to sustainability. The LBC program exceeds LEED certification standards in terms of resource conservation and human wellness.

Goals of the MUSE campus construction included:
-        Diverting 100 percent of the construction waste from its landfills
-        Operating with extreme energy efficiency
-        Constructing zero-net energy buildings that generate as much energy as they consume
-        Constructing zero-emissions buildings to produce no carbon footprint
-        Achieving success – LBC certification – to represent a total reconciliation between the built and natural environments, and move MUSE into a future that is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative

A large multi-state study conducted by the Heschong Mahone Group has found that classrooms with most daylighting show a 20% increased rate for progress on math tests and 26% increased rate for reading test progress compared to the classrooms with the least daylighting.

MUSE School CA, is a non-profit in Malibu, California dedicated to empowering children to realize the full potential of their lives through academic excellence, personal responsibility and global environmental awareness. It caters to children from early childhood through to eighth grade and has a Scholarship Fund which provides financial aid to nearly 50% of the attending students and a food program which is 100% local and organic. Students cultivate the garden and the harvests from this program will eventually provide 30% of MUSE’s product needs.

A founder of the school, Suzy Cameron (wife of film director James Cameron) had this to say:

“Our goal at MUSE School CA is to inspire creative, collaborative and courageous leaders in a beautiful and invigorating environment,” Cameron said.  “We recognize that our world is ever evolving, and our focus on embracing and teaching sustainability impacts every aspect of campus life – from the materials we use in our classrooms to the food we provide at lunch.  Our core curriculum, taught by the best of the best, is strengthened by our focus on letting children enjoy the great outdoors and take on the projects that inspire them.  I could not be prouder of the education and campus MUSE provides these remarkable future leaders.”

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