False flag set ups

Tuesday, May, 10 at 8:41 am,

Eric May – “A secretive Cabal running American foreign policy is undermining American democracy” – LTC Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, 10/19/05

Ben Laden Wanted Class-War

Sunday, May, 08 at 1:38 pm,

Looks like Osama bin Laden was taking a page from the inciters and demagogues in Black leadership like Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. This is what they do — certainly this is CAIR’s modus operandi.

“Obama and Osama”

Monday, May, 02 at 7:57 pm,

Donna Garner – Whole operation was made possible by the intel that was obtained at Guantanamo Bay. Justice has been served. Osama Bin Laden is dead. We can all be thankful that this evil man is gone from this earth.

Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas-tied ISNA Trains Muslim Students How to Deceive/Manipulate the Media

Thursday, Mar, 17 at 11:24 am,

War gaming. Battle cries in the information battle-space. Notice that the Muslim Brotherhood group “is the official clearinghouse for information disseminated [to the media] from our Society and the School and will establish and enforce standard operating procedures for different types of interactions with the American media and the public.”

Modern Caliphate

Sunday, Feb, 27 at 11:49 am,

Andrew C. McCarthy – The Islamic agenda is not coexistence, but dominion. The Organization of the Islamic Conference is the closest thing in the modern world to a caliphate. It is composed of 57 members (56 sovereign states and the Palestinian Authority), joining voices and political heft to pursue the unitary interests of the ummah, the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims.

Inside the Muslim Brotherhood

Tuesday, Feb, 22 at 11:48 am,

Special report: The Brotherhood’s role in Egypt's revolution. CAIRO, Egypt — The historic events in Cairo's Tahrir Square were sparked by largely secular Egyptian youth who came together through social networking on Facebook.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Endgame? Qaradawi Returns to Egypt

Friday, Feb, 18 at 12:24 pm,

It was nearly surreal to be a veteran Ikhwan-watcher yesterday. The Drudge Report ran a headline feature from Der Spiegel on the most influential Sunni cleric in the world today, Yuself al-Qaradawi. The article was picked up on talk radio, and more of the American people got a chance to read about probably the world’s most important Muslim.

Barry Rubin Says Muslim Brotherhood 'Not A Moderate Group'

Tuesday, Feb, 15 at 11:07 am,

No. 2, that the Muslim Brotherhood isn't radical, which disregards every statement made and every article written in 30 years…. Their political strategy is based on the two-stage notion: the stage of "dawa" and the stage of political action, and they would always say patience, patience. And then because they saw Mubarak was faltering and they didn't want him to hand over to his son, they saw the son as weak, they changed gears.

Terrorism: How Much Trouble Are We In?…Quite a Bit

Monday, Feb, 14 at 12:46 pm,

Frank Salvato – Almost from the beginning there has been a debate on whether the Obama Administration was inexperienced and naïve or agenda driven and calculating. We watched Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, behind closed doors and using every tool of political coercion available, ramrod health insurance reform down the throats of an unwilling American public.

US, Israel will soon exit Middle East: Ahmadinejad

Saturday, Feb, 12 at 11:14 am,

TEHRAN — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Friday that a new Middle East is being created which would be free of the United States and Israel, as he backed the Arab uprisings but warned Egyptians to be watchful of America's "friendly face."

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: In Their Own Words

Tuesday, Feb, 08 at 1:08 pm,

The Muslim Brotherhood has taken a greater role in organizing the protest against the Egyptian regime as it unfolds its independent political agenda. Rashad al-Bayumi, the Brotherhood’s second-in-command, announced in an interview with Japanese TV that the group would join a transitional government in order to cancel the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, as it “offends the Arabs’ dignity and destroys the interests of Egypt and other Arab states.” He further stressed that Egypt does not need American aid.

Islamic Supremacist Says He Ordered Russian Bombing

Tuesday, Feb, 08 at 11:26 am,

It is the same motive, the same ideology thr world over. Islamist rebel says he ordered Russian bombing Reuters (hat tip Harry) Islamist rebel leader Doku Umarov said on Monday he had ordered a suicide bombing that killed 36 people at Russia's busiest airport last month.

Muslim Brotherhood awakens terrorist wing

Tuesday, Feb, 08 at 10:47 am,

Look what Obama's support for Islamist group is doing. JERUSALEM – An Egyptian Islamist terrorist organization founded by the Muslim Brotherhood is re-establishing itself amid the political upheaval in Cairo, WND has learned.

Qatari trio suspected in 9/11 plot

Wednesday, Feb, 02 at 10:20 am,

Three Qatari nationals claimed to have carried out surveillance prior to attacks, The Telegraph quotes leaked US cable. Three Qataris are suspected to have helped in plotting and executing the 9/11 attacks on the United States, the UK daily Telegraph has reported quoting a secret US document obtained by the whistle-blower website, WikiLeaks.

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