Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas-tied ISNA Trains Muslim Students How to Deceive/Manipulate the Media

War gaming. Battle cries in the information battle-space. Notice that the Muslim Brotherhood group “is the official clearinghouse for information disseminated [to the media] from our Society and the School and will establish and enforce standard operating procedures for different types of interactions with the American media and the public.”


Al-Awlaki’s mastery of media skills, among his other talents, helped him emerge as a leader; most notable is his manipulation of Western media outlets, as early as 2001 – among them NPR, PBS and The New York Times, which chose to interview him in their efforts to learn about moderate Islam. He was frequently quoted by these media outlets, and was called a “bridge builder between Islam and the West.”[1] The Baltimore Sun even depicted him as hip and media savvy, saying, “Al-Awlaki bridges the two worlds as easily as he shifts from lecturing on the lives of the prophets to tapping phone numbers into his Palm Pilot.”[2]

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March 17th, 2011

Staff Reporter

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