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Tea Party, Don’t Let Your Opposition Define You

Friday, Nov, 12 at 6:05 am,

Frank Salvato – With the mid-term elections now literally in the history books, the powers that be on both the Left side of the aisle and the Right, inside the beltway and out, have finally come to understand the power and appeal of the citizen movement commonly referred to as the Tea Party Movement.

Voters Will Turn on Unions Next

Wednesday, Nov, 10 at 1:26 pm,

Paul Bedard – Congress got whacked by voters who felt they were being ignored or abused. Now it might be Big Labor's turn to face the ire of its audience: dues-paying union members. "The trend is the same," says pollster Frank Luntz. "Union employees feel their representatives just don't represent them."

Teachers Unions Gone Wild: The Director’s Commentary (Part 2)

Tuesday, Nov, 09 at 2:12 pm,

Media Matters owes its readers an apology. In my previous column, “Teachers Unions Gone Wild: The Director’s Commentary (Part 1),” I challenged Media Matters — who pompously mocked Trenton Tea Party Leader Daryl Brooks for believing in the authenticity of our videos because “[James] told [him]” they were — to hold Alissa Ploshnick and her spokesman Steve Wolmer to the same standard as Brooks.

Congress should 'shellack' president's executive orders

Tuesday, Nov, 09 at 11:42 am,

Gene Healy – "Stroke of the pen, law of the land — kinda cool" — that's how Paul Begala described rule by executive order back in 1998, as his boss President Clinton prepared a passel of them, the better to bypass an uncooperative Congress.

The Observer at His Own Funeral by George Neumayr

Friday, Nov, 05 at 10:08 am,

George Neumayr – Obama's obtuse, faux-pensive press conference. At his post-defeat press conference, Barack Obama worked hard to project an air of somber reflection, even as his remarks revealed that he had learned nothing from the defeat.

A Settling of Accounts with Mr. Perfect

Thursday, Nov, 04 at 10:55 am,

The Democrats suffered a debacle at the polls in the US on Tuesday — and President Barack Obama is to blame. Once celebrated as a great communicator, the president has lost touch with the mood in his country. Now, he must re-invent himself. But can he succeed?

GOP's K Street wing ready for insurgent challenge

Thursday, Nov, 04 at 9:53 am,

The insurgent conservative Republicans and Tea Party candidates elected Tuesday are obviously a pugnacious and determined bunch, but they're not the only ones fixing for a battle over the direction of the party. The Republican Beltway establishment and the K Street wing of the GOP are ready to fight any effort to end pork-barrel spending and kill corporate welfare.

Voters Are Tiring of Obama's European Experiment

Sunday, Oct, 31 at 9:32 am,

10.31.10 – Victor Davis Hanson – Tuesday’s election should deliver a loud, "please do not turn us into those folks" message. Vote with a passion as if you have never voted before.

This Election Cycle Is About…Revolution

Friday, Oct, 29 at 8:34 am,

10.29.10 – Frank Salvato – The midterm elections coming up this November 2nd are perhaps the most important election since the US Civil War.

What Makes the Left Tick

Thursday, Oct, 28 at 9:11 am,

10.28.10 – David Solway – The improvement of society cannot be left to children. The “deep ideology” of the left, rooted in the triple assumption that the ideal of earthly perfection is realizable, that human nature is a social construct which can be remade or transformed, and that radical change is preferable to gradual amelioration in the evolution of human societies, is the bane of the modern era.

A Society of Beggars? Obama Battles Reagan

Tuesday, Oct, 26 at 10:12 am,

10.26.10 – In the end, that's the choice. As the country enters the final week of what may be the most important election in a lifetime, these two presidents and their starkly differing visions of America are at the center of what has become a political earthquake.

Big Dupes at Big Peace: Frank Marshall Davis, Obama Mentor – Part 2

Sunday, Oct, 24 at 12:42 pm,

10.24.10 – Big Peace: Last week, Dr. Kengor, we looked at Frank Marshall Davis. You showed how and where, precisely, Davis was not only a communist but an actual party member. In your book, Dupes, you even include his actual Communist Party number. You told us that you also found all of Davis’s weekly columns from 1949 and 1950 for the Honolulu Record, the CPUSA organ in Hawaii. Tell us what those articles say.

Dems Playing Soviet-Style Insanity Card

Saturday, Oct, 23 at 12:44 pm,

10.23.10 – Kyle-Anne Shiver – All of these seemingly coordinated efforts by Democrats and their press minions to label Party dissidents as “insane” are not only creepy, they seem like the first step down the path towards Soviet-style tyranny.

It's time to reform state government

Friday, Oct, 22 at 12:32 pm,

10.22.10 – John Logie and Tom Watkins – If we want to reform state government now, the only way to do it is by a constitutional convention.

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