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The Hateful Left

Monday, Jan, 10 at 9:51 am,

ANDREW KLAVAN – Where incendiary political rhetoric truly resides in America. Judging from his website, I would guess that Jared Lee Loughner suffers from schizophrenia. The man who opened fire with a nine-millimeter Glock in Tucson, Arizona, on Saturday was obsessed with mind control and bizarre, incomprehensible theories of currency and government.

Addressing One of the Casualties of the 111th Congress

Sunday, Jan, 09 at 12:39 pm,

Frank Salvato – If you were to list all of the things that fell victim to the tyranny of Progressive leadership in the 111th Congress of the United States, chief on the list, in addition to ethics and constitutional process, is honesty.

Help Wanted: Good Leaders

Saturday, Jan, 08 at 1:17 pm,

Peter Stern – It is true that we need better leaders in all areas in government and private industry, but where have all the good leaders gone?

Is There a Cure for Liberalism?

Thursday, Dec, 30 at 11:28 am,

Bryan Preston – Yet another study says biology may lurk in our political beliefs. Maybe! There’s another of those studies out there, that purports to show a biological difference between liberals and conservatives.

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal: Welcome to the Brave New Military

Wednesday, Dec, 22 at 4:20 pm,

Barney Frank agrees with a Pentagon assessment that with the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ there should be no distinctions between gay and straight service members, that indeed, they should be forced shower together. But at the same time Conressman Frank and the Pentagon also say that members of the opposite sex should NOT shower together. What gives?

The Ultimate Troll: Democrats Plan For Media Management

Tuesday, Dec, 21 at 12:32 pm,

David Solway – The federal government must never be given control of the internet and the airwaves. One wants to avoid falling into the deep, dark conspiracy well — where the hermeneutics of suspicion dominate one’s thinking, and practically everything of major importance that occurs in the sociopolitical domain is regarded as a nefarious plot foisted upon a victimized public.

DREAMageddon: Vote Set for Saturday

Saturday, Dec, 18 at 12:23 pm,

Bryan Preston – Nightmare for the law-abiding tax payer and legal immigrant. Now that the tax deal and omnipork are done, Sen. Harry Reid is putting the DREAM Act on the docket for a vote this weekend.

I Made the Newspapers: Should I Be Honored or Perturbed?

Monday, Dec, 13 at 8:36 pm,

Donna Garner – I seem to have made the newspapers today — Austin American-Statesman. Even though I am a private citizen exercising my First Amendment rights to free speech and do not get paid a cent for the articles I research, write, and publish widely on the Internet, Politifact.com decided to Fact Check one of my articles and make their assessment public. Should I be honored or perturbed?

Why Latin America Turned Against Israel

Saturday, Dec, 11 at 3:33 pm,

Israelis can be excused for wondering why Brazil and Argentina unexpectedly announced they recognize an independent Palestinian state with its capital city in Israel’s capital city.

Amnesty “For the Children”? Dream On

Wednesday, Dec, 08 at 4:03 pm,

Bay Buchanan: How many times have we heard the Democrats repeat the cliché “Do it for the children” as an excuse to forward the left wing agenda? …

Mexican Demographics and the Coming Crisis

Monday, Dec, 06 at 2:20 pm,

Peter C. Maffitt – What is not understood in Washington, and by most US citizens, is that Mexico, our closest neighbor, is our most important strategic foreign policy and economic trade nation. Mexican demographics both in Mexico and of Mexican-Americans in the US are key issues in understanding importance of Mexico.

The Case for Reform by Stand-Alone Legislation

Friday, Dec, 03 at 6:05 am,

Frank Salvato – The healthcare reform bill, officially titled The Affordable Care Act, was a stunning 1,018 pages long. The stimulus bill – the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act – weighed in at 1,079 pages.

Texas considers dropping Medicaid

Sunday, Nov, 14 at 11:12 pm,

Peter Stern – Texas is one of several states considering to drop Medicaid. If the state drops Medicaid will Medicare be far behind? And then, will the state consider dropping public education so it can save money? Each such consideration is "penny-wise and pound foolish" as the saying goes. This is just political posturing, or at least I hope it is — or it is a death wish.

Obama Administration’s un-American Agenda

Sunday, Nov, 14 at 2:42 pm,

Rachel Ehrenfeld – President’s Obama’s recent trip to Asia was intended to advance U.S. influence in the region, promote American exports, and create jobs at home.

The Danger of Obama's Narcissism

Sunday, Nov, 14 at 12:39 pm,

Richard Fernandez – Obama sees himself not just as any president, but as someone who even before he began his term was on the level of Abraham Lincoln.

Deficit Commission: Tinkering Around the Edges

Saturday, Nov, 13 at 12:01 pm,

The deficit commission's work doesn't exhibit the kind of out-of-the-box thinking needed to get us out of the hole we're in. It does meet the definition of insanity.

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