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When Socialism Creeps In . . .

Wednesday, Sep, 15 at 1:21 pm,

9.15.10 – Victor Davis Hanson – America Alone: as recent developments in Cuba, India, and Old Europe highlight, the trend of the world — even after the financial meltdown of September 2008 — is away from statism, except in the USA.

September 11, 2001: Nine Years On

Friday, Sep, 10 at 1:07 pm,

9.10.10 – Frank Salvato – The subject of the attacks of September 11, 2001, seems to validate the notion that the American public has an attention span issue. How else can we explain the “tolerance” argument being foisted upon the citizenry by proponents of the Islamic Center and mosque slated for construction just 500 feet from the epicenter of Ground Zero?

Shift To Right Marks Obama's Second Phase

Thursday, Sep, 09 at 12:32 pm,

9.9.10 – DAVID S. BRODER – Nonetheless, with Emanuel likely to lead the procession of postelection exits from the White House, Obama will have the freedom he needs to recast the administration for the last half of the term. As he prepares to deal with a more Republican Congress and begin his own race for re-election, the changeover will become more and more important.

Andy McCarthy on Saul Alinsky

Monday, Sep, 06 at 3:33 pm,

9.6.10 – Michael Walsh – Writing in the New Criterion this month, Andrew McCarthy reviews Radical by Nicholas von Hoffman, a new book about the great devil of modern times, the Capone gang member, Marxist community organizer, agitator and social destabilizer — and Obama’s spiritual mentor — Saul Alinsky.

When Will We Have Another Black President?

Sunday, Sep, 05 at 10:12 am,

9.5.10 – Dan Miller – President Obama wanted us to discuss race; lest we be called a nation of cowards by his attorney general yet again, let's do it.

Alum to cut college out of will over Arab tome

Tuesday, Aug, 31 at 11:32 am,

8.31.10 – A Brooklyn College grad cut his alma mater out of his will because the school is requiring freshmen to read a book he calls propaganda by a "radical pro-Palestinian professor."

Don't agree with Obama? Get ready for IRS probe

Monday, Aug, 30 at 9:18 am,

8.30.10 – Private group told review under way since work may 'contradict' president. The Internal Revenue Service has delayed approval of tax-exempt status for a private organization and is reviewing its educational work, telling a lawyer for the foundation that it must be examined by Washington because its activities may "contradict the administration's public policies."

Why They Can’t Condemn Hamas

Sunday, Aug, 29 at 12:50 pm,

8.29.10 – Andrew C. McCarthy – Hamas is a shibboleth. If you want to know whether an ostensible Muslim “moderate” is really moderate, ask him if Hamas is a terrorist organization.

The Myth of Equality

Saturday, Aug, 28 at 12:54 pm,

8.28.10 – Pat Buchanan – In 21st century America, institutional racism and sexism remain great twin evils to be eradicated on our long journey to the wonderful world where, at last, all are equal.

Transparency for Me, but not for Thee

Tuesday, Aug, 17 at 4:58 am,

8.17.10 – Paul Hsieh – Americans must demand government transparency as a corollary to the broader principle that a properly limited government should be our servant, not our master—as the Founders intended.

Bean-Counters and Baloney

Sunday, Aug, 15 at 10:12 am,

8.15.10 – THOMAS SOWELL – The bean-counters have struck again– this time in the sports pages. Two New York Times sport writers have discovered that baseball coaches from minority groups are found more often coaching at first base than at third base. Moreover, third-base coaches become managers more often than first-base coaches.

Massacre at Manchester: Weak Connections to Bullying

Thursday, Aug, 12 at 6:17 pm,

8.13.10 – The massacre by Omar Thornton at Hartford Distributors in Manchester, CT is a “teachable moment” but not necessarily to advance awareness about workplace bullying as some claim.

Sovereign Citizens Spin History, Reject Government

Thursday, Aug, 12 at 9:20 am,

8.12.10 – COLUMBUS, Ohio — They call themselves sovereign citizens, U.S. residents who declare themselves above state and federal laws. Many don't register children's births, carry driver's licenses or recognize the court system. Some peddle schemes that use fictional legal loopholes to eliminate debt and avoid foreclosures.

Black Murders Eight Whites; Media Blame Whites

Tuesday, Aug, 10 at 7:51 am,

8.10.10 – Dennis Prager – In today’s new racism, white criminals are criminals, but black criminals are largely victims. The title of this column seems unbelievable, but it is in fact what happened in America this past week. And almost no one has noticed

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