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Do the Poorest Give the Most?

Sunday, May, 15 at 12:12 am,

Americans are known for giving until it hurts, but it’s ironic that the people who can afford to give the least are generally the ones who give the most.

Monumental Attack Against Texas Conservatives

Friday, Apr, 22 at 10:31 pm,

Donna Garner – The House Redistricting Committee map plan (a.k.a., Solomons’ map) is a monumental attack that is meant to silence conservative voices in Texas for the next ten years to come.

American companies that don’t promote ‘gayness’

Monday, Mar, 14 at 10:20 am,

From cars to food to entertainment, see firms not pushing LGBT agenda. When it comes to automotive service in America, Pep Boys may be among the best-known brands, but the company is doing absolutely nothing to promote the homosexual agenda.

GOP leaders back hearings on Muslims

Wednesday, Mar, 09 at 10:31 am,

Saying extremist elements of Islam are a real threat that need to be confronted, House Republican leaders on Tuesday defended the Homeland Security Committee chairman’s decision to begin hearings this week to investigate the inroads radical Muslims have made in America.

Lawsuit: 'Honor killings' OK by Michigan Shariah

Wednesday, Feb, 23 at 9:43 am,

Plaintiffs challenge city's official cooperation with Islamic interests.
A lawsuit that challenges the official cooperation by the city of Dearborn, Mich., which has one of the largest populations of Muslims in the U.S., with Islamic interests makes a stunning allegation: that under the recognized "Shariah" law in the city, there have been "honor killing" murders that have been "covered up."

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, Here I Am at Camp Guevara

Thursday, Feb, 03 at 11:34 am,

Ron Radosh – It's the 21st century, and Communist summer camps still exist. When I wrote my memoir Commies: A Journey Through the Old Left, the New Left and the Leftover Left, I had a chapter that I titled “Commie Camp,” about my years as both a camper and counselor in the now-defunct Camp Woodland in Phoenicia, New York.

Egypt and the Realpolitik of Violence and Freedom

Monday, Jan, 31 at 11:25 am,

Mr. Obama's sloppy thinking on the subject is alarming. President Barack Obama's Friday evening statement on the situation in Egypt reminds us of George Orwell's comment that sloppy writing leads to dangerous political thinking.

Muslim Brotherhood takeover feared

Sunday, Jan, 30 at 11:30 am,

American Middle East experts are divided on what the likely outcome would be should Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak be forced to relinquish power amid the anti-government protests that intensified Friday. The fear for many American policymakers is that the Muslim Brotherhood would fill the void should Egypt’s authoritarian regime fall.

Scrubbing and Smearing: Islamic vs. Secular Governance in Egypt

Sunday, Jan, 30 at 11:04 am,

I warned earlier (here and here) that the Islamic supremacists and their leftist tools in the media and culture at large would whitewash the violent and brutal islamic supremacist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and pave the way for a fundamentalist Islamic takeover of Egypt. They wasted no time. At Salon, erudite savages suited in civilian attire, blared this headline:

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