Lionizing the Jackals

9.6.10 – We have reached the point where Islamic supremacists and Muslim Brotherhood proxies are virtually dictating their propaganda and fallacious narrative to big media and scribes, who take it down word for word, lie for lie, and report it as fact. Unindicted co-conspirator, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR is the go-to guy for all things Islam.

Never are they identified for the subversives that they are. Never are their jihadist connections or convicted leadership mentioned. Just as Anwar Awlaki was the go-to imam for big media right after 911 (Awlaki was imam to a couple of the 911 Muslim terrorists, as well as the Fort Hood jihadi, the Christmas day bomber, the Times Square bomber, et al). These willing dupes lather, rinse, repeat. They hit bottom and just keep digging. They still don’t get it. In the information battle space, it’s a game, and they are being so played. But could the stakes be higher?

Responsible journalism is dead.

Today’s AP headline reads For US Muslims, a 9/11 anniversary like no other. It mimics a Hamas-linked CAIR press release. It is, of course, utter nonsense. But it is far more serious than that. This is Goebbels-style propaganda. The Nazis played the victim card too, and here again we have the victimizers playing the victim, with the complicity of their shills in the press.

They are not the ones living under death threat, we are. They are not the ones targeted, we are. They are not getting death threats. We are. They don’t have to live with 24/7/365 heavy duty security, Geert Wilders does. Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, Salman Rushdie, the producers from Comedy Central, and accidental counter jihad tourists like Molly Norris live under death threat.  As do I.

Good, decent souls speaking out against a radical ideology, gender apartheid and supremacism are demonized and marginalized.

But the media blacks that out. They never report on that. Their narrative of  Muslims “living in fear,” and worse still, living in fear on 911, is the ultimate insult. Real fear is living as a non-Muslim in Muslim countries under the sharia. Real fear is living as a Coptic Christian in Egypt, real fear is living as a Christian in Indonesia, real fear is a girl going to school in Afghanistan, real fear is being an Israeli awaiting the Islamic nuke, real fear is being a Jew in Europe, or a pro-Israel Jew on many US college campuses and on and on and on.

First, the concretes, the facts. Hate crimes directed against Muslims remain relatively rare, according to the latest FBI report. So all this push back by the bullies is a tactic.


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September 6th, 2010

Jimmy Kilpatrick

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