Colorado agency blows off law restricting money for illegals

8.15.10 – Bob Unruh – Unplugs program to check status of unemployment benefit recipients. A state agency in Colorado has disobeyed a state law because officials in the Department of Labor & Unemployment thought the mandatory verification of the immigration status of unemployment benefit recipients would slow down their process of delivering checks to applicants.

The scandal was uncovered by researcher Todd Shepherd at the Independence Institute, which reported on internal e-mails obtained from the state revealing that officials in the agency told employees to disconnect a computer function that provided the mandatory checks on benefits applicants.

The internal documentation obtained from the agency revealed that Unemployment Insurance Director Mike Cullen instructed that “Work Order 51662″ be implemented with a top priority.

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The move would result in the computer system ignoring a series of questions regarding citizenship asked of someone filing for unemployment insurance.

State officials confirmed yesterday to WND that the order was implemented, even though it meant that the agency was in direct violation of House Bill 06-1023. The bill, passed in a special session of the Colorado Legislature, demanded that certain government benefits, such as unemployment insurance, be denied to illegal aliens.

House Bill 06-1023 states, “It is the public policy of the state of Colorado that all persons eighteen years of age or older shall provide proof that they are lawfully present in the United States prior to receipt of certain public benefits.”

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August 15th, 2010

Jimmy Kilpatrick

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