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7 Essential Skills You Didn't Learn in College

Tuesday, Oct, 19 at 11:00 am,

10.19.10 – We use only 10 percent of our brain! That familiar statement is false—there’s no evidence to support it. Still, something about it just sounds right, so we internalize it and repeat it. Such is the power—and danger—of statistics.

Newsflash: We Need Fewer, Not More, College Grads?

Saturday, Oct, 16 at 11:37 am,

10.16.10 – Justin Snider – One surefire way to get people's attention is to say the exact opposite of what everyone else is saying — to claim that conventional wisdom is wrong.

The Study Drug Problem

Friday, Oct, 15 at 11:08 am,

10.15.10 – Daniel Luzer. – Oh, Ritalin. Such an important part of college were you. Little and round and white, the source of, and solution to, so much anxiety during exam periods. And now colleges are cracking down.

Considering grad school? Advice in a flat job market

Wednesday, Oct, 13 at 9:26 am,

10.13.10 – Graduate schools are seeing steady growth as both recent college graduates and people already in the workforce seek to boost their job prospects in a still-dragging economy.

Honor Among Scholars

Monday, Oct, 11 at 11:24 am,

10.11.10 – Steven G. Kellman – Praising Caesar as a Colossus who "doth bestride the narrow world," Shakespeare's Cassius tells Brutus that "we petty men … peep about to find ourselves dishonorable graves."

Columbia Launches Center For Palestine Studies

Saturday, Oct, 09 at 10:25 am,

10.9.10 – The Middle East Institute is over 50 years old on campus, but this center is the first of its kind. Columbia launched the first-ever Center for Palestine Studies in the United States on Thursday night, and organizers said that, despite limited funds, they are pushing forward.

The Invisible Campus Color Line

Wednesday, Oct, 06 at 11:59 am,

10.6.10 – Colleges and universities spend an enormous amount of effort recruiting a diverse student body, but they may be wasting their time

It’s up to universities to do a better job of making the case for their value to economy and society, leaders say

Wednesday, Oct, 06 at 10:57 am,

10.6.10 – Beth Hawkins – If universities are to flourish during the next century, they need to do a better job publicizing their role as drivers of economic growth, civic discussion and the production of new knowledge. That’s the opinion of three distinguished leaders who took to the stage on September 30th as part of the University of Minnesota’s Great Conversations lecture series in Minneapolis.

“Good Ideas, Bad Ideas” AQ Issue in Print

Friday, Oct, 01 at 10:15 am,

10.1.10 – Ashley Thorne – The fall issue of Academic Questions examines both good and bad ideas in higher education, including trimming the glut of academic publishing, merit-based scholarships, teaching ebonics, and disseminating "light and truth."

How did old pal Bill Ayers finally outrage university liberals?

Wednesday, Sep, 29 at 9:30 am,

9.29.10 – Paul Kengor – Every now and then, our monolithic, woefully over-priced universities do something right. A case in point is the news that University of Illinois trustees have denied emeritus status to a tenured faculty member: Bill Ayers.

'Zaytuna College' and Its Continuing Media Circus

Tuesday, Sep, 28 at 10:42 am,

9.28.10 – With the beginning of the 2010-2011 academic year, it was doubtless predictable that mainstream media as well as the educational trade press would resume its biased and inaccurate publicity, only lightly presented as reportage, on Zaytuna College. Based in Berkeley, California, Zaytuna is an effort to establish an "Islamic university" headed by the American Muslim preacher Hamza Yusuf Hanson.

Mike Pence's Hillsdale College Speech on the Presidency

Tuesday, Sep, 21 at 10:10 am,

9.21.10 – Rep. Mike Pence – President and Mrs. Arnn, Mr. John Cervini, Mr. David Bobb, Elliot Gaiser, College Republicans and each and every one of the faculty and students of Hillsdale College here today.… As I am sure you know, honor is what allows us to do what is right despite the cost. Even greater honor is required to do what is right in the face of superior power. And the greatest honor is to stand strong even if it means standing alone.

How to Digitize Your Textbooks

Monday, Sep, 20 at 2:53 pm,

9.20.10 – HackCollege is a lifehacking site written by students, for students. Unfortunately only a small portion of textbooks are available for download today. What do you do if your microbiology text isn't available in a digital format this fall?

Are American Universities Going the Way of General Motors?

Monday, Sep, 20 at 11:43 am,

9.20.10 – Abraham H. Miller – The American universities, or at least a number of departments within them, became like GM long before GM became like GM. It’s a serious question, but The Economist’s sense of timing leaves something to be desired, just like when the magazine predicted the housing collapse in San Francisco five years too soon. This time, The Economist is years late.

A Textbook Solution

Sunday, Sep, 19 at 11:19 am,

9.19.10 – ELIZABETH WEIL – Campuses get ready for the tablet computer. The most complicated form in print media is the textbook,” Josh Koppel of ScrollMotion explained to me. “You have a 1,000-page math text with 10,000 more pages of homework assignments. You’ve got the graphic side, the text side, notation, assessment, remediation. And we need to make this all live well digitally without being subtractive.”

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