SUNY Students For Education Reform Thank Gov. Cuomo

Students For Education Reform at SUNY Geneseo have publically thanked Governor Cuomo for his work on driving a new teacher evaluation system in New York.

Governor Cuomo – the self proclaimed “lobbyist for the student” – is set to make teachers more accountable and tie in an evaluation system that emphasizes student achievement, in which teachers receive an overall numerical score on a 100-point scale.

And the measure has prompted Students For Education Reform (SFER) at SUNY Geneseo to record a video, congratulating and thanking Governor Cuomo, the Mayor of New York, Commissioner John B. King, Jr. and state and local unions for coming to an agreement on the plan.

 “I support you Governor Cuomo,” is the refrain of the video.

Julia Addeo, who appears in the video, is co-chapter leader of SFER SUNY Geneseo. As a future math teacher, York she said that she understands the importance of good teacher evaluations.

“As an educator I need to know what is working for my students and what is not.

“An effective teacher evaluation system a big step towards ensuring that students will excel above and beyond our expectations — that can only happen if teachers are evaluated effectively.

“At the end of the day, every child needs to have access to great teachers.”

Students For Education Reform is a non-profit that currently has eleven chapters around the state of New York, lobbying for educational equity in 29 states at over 80 chapters with over 3,000 members nationwide.

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