San Fran School May Start Fining Students For Cutting Class

In the San Francisco suburb of Concord, students who cut class could begin to face monetary fines if a new policy is enacted for the upcoming school year

It’s a tale as old as time: students skipping class, while teachers and principals attempt to find ways to keep them on campus and punish them if they should leave school grounds.  One town and high school in the San Francisco area is taking drastic measures to crack-down on “playing hooky.”  It could soon cost kids (and parents) in Concord,CA upwards of $500 if the teenager continues to cut class. The mayor of Concord, Laure Hoffmeister, insists that the local police are spending too much time and effort chasing down truant kids these days.

From CBS San

“Often they’re finding that the kid they return at 11 a.m. is back out at 12:30,” said Hoffmeister.

The trouble the school has faced in regards to this problem prompted school officials to look into a school day curfew ordinance.  After a series of general warnings, students and their parents would be fined $100 after the first offense, $200 after the second, and $500 after the third.  On the whole, adults in the area seem to largely support the innovative and unique idea.  Predictably, teenagers and students are viehmently opposed to the new proposal.  Kids who had a legitimate reason to be out of school would not be impacted. The proposal goes to a vote by the entire city council at their meeting Tuesday night.

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July 13th, 2011

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