“Obama’s Fixed Agenda”

Donna Garner – America, please do not be fooled by Obama’s rhetoric found in “President Obama Says Testing Makes Education Boring” (article posted below).

When Obama speaks, he always has an agenda.  The agenda in his remarks in today’s article is to try to get rid of that “old, mean NCLB system that forced students to have to take those old, boring state-mandated tests.”
What Obama does not say is that he and his administration want to rewrite NCLB so that the states will lose all of their local control over standards, curriculum, testing, and teachers’ evaluations.
Obama wants that control to fall into the hands of the federal government.  It already has for those states who have been foolish enough to commit to the Common Core Standards/Race to the Top.
The problem is that when the federal government controls the public schools, the government can also control what gets taught and what does not get taught to generations of American public school children.
[Note -- The arrows mean “lead to.”]
National standards  →  national assessments  →  national curriculum → teachers’ salaries tied to students’ test scores  →  teachers teaching to the test each and every day  →  national indoctrination of our public school children  →  national database of all students and educators
Below are various articles that I have either written or co-written.  Please make use of these articles to convince your states not to commit to the Common Core Standards/Race to the Top.  If no federal money has yet been received, your state can opt out.  If your state has already received federal money, you can pay that money back.  Anything is better than allowing the Obama administration to indoctrinate America’s public school children.  Also, it would be less expensive for a state to opt out now than for the taxpayers to be stuck paying for the implementation of the national assessments online.
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Wednesday, March 30th
President Obama Says Testing Makes Education Boring
March 30, 2011 9:31 am
Too many tests too often mean teachers ‘teach to the test’ as well as skip over other material, says President Obama of NCLB’s “boring” requirements.
Continuing to talk up his ideas on education reform, President Obama said Monday that standardized testing is making school boring and makes it harder for students to fully engage in their classroom, Yahoo News reports. In a Washington D.C. town hall hosted by Univision, the President discussed the changes he’d like to implement to how often tests are administered and how the results are used to rate schools.
Obama, who is currently pushing a rewrite to the No Child Left Behind law, feels that while a standardized test is a good “baseline” measuring tool, administering them annually forces teachers to “teach the test” and might limit schools’ flexibility to teach topics outside the scope of the exam. He also said that education should be about more than just filling in bubbles.
In his remarks, President Obama expressed concern that too many schools will not be able to meet the stringent standards set out by NCLB law in the upcoming year and that other factors such as attendance should be considered in school ratings.
The No Child Left Behind law was passed with the goal of getting 100% of students to reading and math proficiency by 2014 – but the goal is now unlikely to be met. In his push for a rewrite of the law, President Obama seeks to shift the horizon to 2020, though he didn’t offer specific details on what new goals he hopes an amended law will set out.
Although the Obama administration hopes to have the rewrite in place by the 2011 school year, the current legislative climate makes that unlikely.

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March 30th, 2011

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