Who Killed the Disneyland Dream?

Sunday, Dec, 26 at 12:22 pm,

For all the inequities of America in 1956, economic equality seemed within reach, at least for the vast middle class.

Missing the California of My Youth

Sunday, Dec, 19 at 12:33 pm,

Tim Daniel – California has been fundamentally transformed. The results stand as a warning to the rest of America.

Europe’s Painful Farewell: An Essay on the Decline of the Old World

Friday, Dec, 17 at 1:40 pm,

Oliver Marc Hartwich – Europe is a continent in crisis. The financial problems of many European economies became visible to the rest of world when Greece only narrowly escaped bankruptcy in May 2010. Ever since, more unpleasant data about the state of public finances in Europe have emerged, putting pressure on Europe’s common currency, the euro.

To Be Clear, It’s Not the Government’s Money

Friday, Dec, 10 at 11:26 am,

Frank Salvato – “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.” – James Madison, Fourth President of the United States and considered the Father of the United States Constitution.

I’m a Writer, Not a Financial Planner

Monday, Dec, 06 at 6:05 am,

Nancy Salvato – Like many Americans, I searched for a new job in 2010. Although I wasn’t unemployed at the time of my search, I concluded that it was in my best interest to find a job with a company that offered more stability and in which my job skills would continue to be valued.


Sunday, Dec, 05 at 2:17 pm,

Anat Admati – The debate is raging about banks and their size, financial regulation, and the international capital standards known as "Basel". Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, in his New York Times magazine profile, expresses admiration for the Basel committee and says,

New England facing labor shortage

Sunday, Dec, 05 at 12:04 pm,

Study: Not enough skilled workers to replace baby boomers. Don’t be surprised to see plenty of “help wanted” signs in future years across the region.

Why the Spending Stimulus Failed

Wednesday, Dec, 01 at 12:25 pm,

MICHAEL J. BOSKIN – New economic research shows why lower tax rates do far more to spur growth..

America must ‘get fiscal house in order’

Friday, Nov, 19 at 12:47 pm,

Tom Watkins – Mao Tse Tung, the revolutionary leader and founder of modern China, said: “A revolution is not a tea party.” As a country and a state, we are about to find out just how right he was.


Monday, Nov, 15 at 1:29 pm,

New Book Offers Harsh Portrayal Of Larry Summers And How He Came To Dominate Obama's Economic Policy

What's driving Obama's subsidies of the Chevy Volt?

Saturday, Nov, 13 at 12:08 pm,

George F. Will -"Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive."

New EPA regs would kill jobs, stall economy

Friday, Nov, 12 at 11:49 am,

It sounds innocuous enough. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued new guidelines Thursday requiring state and local authorities that issue pollution permits based on federal standards to use the "Best Available Control Technology," or BACT.

Why are investors investing more in the Islamic bond market?

Thursday, Nov, 11 at 11:45 am,

Rose Anderson – American debt problems may be playing a role in this as well. As the market for Islamic bonds is growing, the rich investors who are Muslim are giving a second look to the sovereign Islamic bonds.

What Still Worries Me About President Obama

Monday, Nov, 08 at 12:19 pm,

Victor Davis Hanson – Does the president finally see that the threat of borrowing huge amounts to grow government to redistribute income through higher taxes risks greater impoverishment for all of us? I don't think so.

Is America Becoming A House of Cards?

Sunday, Nov, 07 at 2:18 pm,

House of Cards: – “a speculative scheme that depends on unstable factors that the planner cannot control,” (WordNet – Princeton University). While we don’t believe America has, by any stretch of the imagination, yet become a house of cards, we do strongly believe the federal government and state and local governments have been, for a long time, pursuing policies that fit that definition to a tee.

Bernanke's Solutions Are the Problem

Friday, Nov, 05 at 2:10 pm,

Mark Thornton – Ben Bernanke, the man who purports to be the savior of the economy today, was actually deeply involved in creating the housing bubble, encouraging people to invest in toxic assets, and orchestrating the cover-up after the bubble collapsed.


Thursday, Nov, 04 at 12:45 pm,

Dr. Jerome Corsi – Top investment expert predicts Greece will default by 2013. The future of the euro remains in doubt as economic woes in Greece continue to risk destabilizing the European Union. An internationally recognized investment officer predicted last week that Greece is likely to default in the next three years, by 2013.

Michele Bachmann: I begged the Fed not to do it

Thursday, Nov, 04 at 9:56 am,

'Does anyone honestly believe adding inflation would be a good thing?' Fresh from her victory in last night's election, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann says she begged the Federal Reserve not to go ahead with controversial plans to monetize the national debt, and is calling its purchase of hundreds of billions of dollars in Treasury bonds "a disaster" for America.

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