Web Censorship Bill Sails Through Senate Committee

Friday, Nov, 19 at 2:53 pm,

Sam Gustin – The content companies have tried suing college students. They’ve tried suing internet startups. Now they want the federal government to act as their private security agents, policing the internet for suspected pirates before making them walk the digital plank.

Dems champion 'Paycheck Fairness Act' as business community fumes

Sunday, Nov, 14 at 12:08 pm,

As the Obama administration continues to work toward economic recovery, the Senate will be debating the Paycheck Fairness Act next week — a bill that the business community says is both unnecessary and sure to hurt job creation, but that others contend is necessary to ensure gender equity in the workplace.

Che Guevara’s Daughter Spills Beans on Recent Cuban ‘Reforms’

Saturday, Nov, 13 at 2:31 pm,

Humberto Fontova – “Here boys! — Come here, boys!” yelled the Castro regime in September. Tongues out and tails wagging, those intrepid sleuths who staff the MSM (particularly its Havana bureaus) promptly mobbed the Stalinist regime’s propaganda ministry, slobbering all over them. In seconds, Communist apparatchiks began handing out their puppy treats.

Media Matters Makes “World Record” Lame Charge of Antisemitism Against Glenn Beck

Thursday, Nov, 11 at 9:38 pm,

Jeff Dunetz – George Soros should ask for his money back, the million dollars he gave Media Matters to go after Fox News is a waste. Glenn began a series of shows exposing the financier and Democratic Party sugar daddy Soros and what was the best the progressive spin shop come up with? Something that will rank as probably the lamest charge of Antisemitism made since God told Abraham to leave Ur, the land of his birth, his kindred and his father’s house, and move to the Holy Land and create the first “Jewish neighborhood.”

Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki trained Pentagon’s Muslim chaplains

Wednesday, Nov, 10 at 3:30 am,

Back in September I reported on a video showing that Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki, spiritual mentor to at least two of the 9/11 hijackers, had led Friday prayers in the U.S. Capitol for congressional Muslim staff members. The video was part of the PBS documentary,

Soros-Funded Political Shenanigans Fail…

Thursday, Nov, 04 at 9:44 am,

Mark Hemingway – While Democrats went out of their way to portray the Koch brothers as evil billionaires puppeteering this election, I’d venture they feel pretty good about the outcome. However, after last night I’d venture that that George Soros is one unhappy Hungarian.

Proposed Congressional Reform Act of 2010

Monday, Nov, 01 at 2:11 pm,

11.1.10 – The following bill should be introduced in Congress. It would be called the Congressional Reform Act of 2010. It would contain eight provisions, all of which would probably be strongly endorsed by those who drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Right Vs. Wrong Steward Vs. Beck

Sunday, Oct, 31 at 10:09 am,

10.31.10 – Thought you might need this for the ensuing lies, media narratives and obfuscations. Check out comparison of the rallies.

Public employee unions funnel public money to Dems

Wednesday, Oct, 27 at 10:20 am,

10.27.10 – Who is the largest single political contributor in the 2010 campaign cycle? You can be pardoned if you answer, erroneously, that it's some new conservative group organized by Karl Rove. That's campaign spin by the Obama Democrats, obediently relayed by certain elements of the so-called mainstream media.

Senate Ethics chair Boxer in ethical and legal trouble?

Tuesday, Oct, 26 at 11:41 am,

10.26.10 – In a breaking development that may affect the close California Senate race, Pajamas Media has learned The Foundation for Ethics in Public Service sent a letter to Eric Holder last Thursday requesting the attorney general “begin an investigation to determine whether United States Senator Barbara Boxer violated any criminal laws or should be liable for any civil penalty for failure to disclose real property on her Personal Financial Disclosure Reports between 2002 and 2010.”

Obama 'Losing Hope'

Sunday, Oct, 24 at 10:27 am,

10.24.10 – The President capped off a four-day campaign swing with frank admissions to supporters, saying the midterms are going to be 'difficult'

NPR official admits fault in firing

Saturday, Oct, 23 at 10:57 am,

10.23.10 – Jessica Heslam – National Public Radio’s ombudswoman admitted the nonprofit botched the firing of Juan Williams for his remarks about Muslims making him nervous on planes, but the firestorm around the longtime news analyst’s ouster has fueled speculation that it could be another boon for the GOP less than two weeks ahead of the hotly contested midterm elections.

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