United Nation’s summer camps

Friday, Jun, 10 at 5:20 pm,

The ‘summer camps,’ combining Islamic indoctrination, paramilitary training, and social activities are set to begin again this year as United Nation’s summer camps, considered competition by Hamas, are being openly denigrated by jihadists.

The Agenda Game: Part III – Reframing the Debate, Recasting the Agenda

Wednesday, Jun, 08 at 9:13 pm,

Beverly Eakman – Part II of this series examined how conservatives lost the “turf wars” and became increasingly marginalized in a leftist game of agenda-driven politics. This final segment will show how “new blood” conservatives are moving past the recriminations. They’re working instead to reframe the debate and recast the agenda so that the Left has to regroup.

The Agenda Game: Part II – Finding ‘Conservative Turf’?

Tuesday, Jun, 07 at 2:02 am,

Beverly Eakman – In Part I of this series “Conservatives Lose Ground on Social Issues,” it was established that the Left is eating conservatives’ lunch and throwing back the Leftovers to be picked up in a desperate attempt to sustain public outrage — enough to win at election time.

Now It’s Shortages of Medical Drugs, Hospitals Say

Saturday, Jun, 04 at 1:52 pm,

Beverly K. Eakman – It was reported over the Memorial Day weekend that hospitals are experiencing a shortage of medicines. In researching the many news reports where the story appeared, there is more to it than meets the casual eye…

Abusive and Negligent Principal Facing Criminal Investigation By Henrico County Police

Tuesday, May, 17 at 2:03 am,

Kandise Lucas, Ph.D. – Lt. Merz, of the Henrico County Police’s Special Victim’s Unit, confirmed that an investigation has been initiated regarding George Moody Middle School principal, Arthur Raymond, III, in relation to the actions that Raymond took against an African-American parent with special needs and her student within the school.

OBL death means “nuclear hellstorm” vows KSM!

Monday, May, 02 at 1:30 pm,

MAYDAY, 5/1/11, 11:11 PM – U.S. claims of a successful military operation that killed Osama bin Laden (OBL) come on the heels of a story out of Guantanamo Bay, according to which Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) said that Al-Qaeda is prepared to launch a “nuclear hellstorm” against the United States and United Kingdom in the event that OBL was killed or captured.


Saturday, Apr, 30 at 2:09 pm,

Donna Garner – This Facebook account of what happened in the Texas Senate today was sent to me a few minutes ago. The Solomons’ Texas State Board of Education map E120 was passed 28-3, and Senator Dan Patrick was ruthlessly kept from even presenting the map that the majority of the Texas State Board of Education members preferred

A Princess Bride’s A-Bomb Peril

Friday, Apr, 29 at 10:25 pm,

Captain Eric H. May – HOUSTON, 4/29/11 — There’s nothing in my headline that’s not in the back of the public’s head, put there by a steady stream of stories about Islam and the Bomb. Their foremost thought, though, is fantastic: a commoner woman has married a royal.

What is it about twin girls born day after Obama?

Thursday, Apr, 28 at 1:07 pm,

Today, Barack Obama blinked – releasing birth records he has hired lawyers to prevent the public from seeing, even at the expense of allowing U.S. Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin to be court-martialed and sent to prison for having dared ask questions the White House until now has resolutely dismissed with ridicule and disdain.

Protect Our Children from the Feds

Wednesday, Apr, 13 at 9:08 pm,

Donna Garner – Everybody — Please give Rep. Dan Huberty a big round of applause! He has written a brilliantly worded bill that would protect our public school children from the indoctrination of the federal government. This bill simply must pass in this legislative session.


Monday, Apr, 11 at 10:36 pm,

If you agree with these educators’ concerns (posted below) about Rep. Eissler’s HB 500, please send your comments to Courtney L. Boswell, Senator Shapiro and other Senators need to be supported in their efforts to keep our education reform movement in Texas on target.

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