Russia snubs Tolstoy

Tuesday, Oct, 12 at 11:28 am,

10.12.10 – MOSCOW, Russia — Russians love few things better than a good anniversary — any excuse to celebrate the country’s rich cultural history gives rise to festivals and forums, concerts and commemorative films. A dearth of official commemoration marks the centenary of the writer's death.

Europe hamstrung on terrorism

Thursday, Oct, 07 at 11:45 am,

10.7.10 – BRUSSELS, Belgium — Europe is now at the center of the war on terror, no matter how much it wanted to avoid that spot.

EU to Launch Legal Action Against France

Thursday, Sep, 30 at 11:09 am,

9.30.10 – The European Commission has decided to launch legal action against France over its controversial expulsion of Roma migrants. The process gives Paris until mid-October to apply EU rules on the freedom of movement or it could face a court case.

Red Ed: I don't do God, I don't even believe in Him (but I WILL get married and I'm embarrassed my name isn't on child's birth certificate)

Wednesday, Sep, 29 at 10:34 am,

9.29.10 – The new Labour leader revealed that he is not a man of faith, in contrast to his predecessors Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. But he insisted he would marry his partner Justine Thornton, who is heavily pregnant with their second child, and would make sure his name goes on the birth certificates of both their children after a lapse meant the first has an empty space for the father.

Cyber War on Iran: the Siemens Connection

Sunday, Sep, 26 at 11:49 am,

9.26.10 – Roger L Simon – Did Israel launch the now infamous "Stuxnet" cyber-attack on Iran? If so, in all likelihood they did not act entirely alone; and I am going now to suggest another ally: the German electronics giant Siemens AG.

Swedish ruling bloc retains power cuts in welfare and immigration coming!

Monday, Sep, 20 at 9:23 am,

9.20.10 – The party says immigration is draining the welfare system. It wants to cut asylum and immigration by relatives of people already living in Sweden by 90 per cent. Centre-right re-elected in parliamentary polls and a far-right party wins seats in the legislature for the first time.

Clegg tax war on the better-off: Tens of thousands face 'bully boy' investigations in new crackdown

Monday, Sep, 20 at 1:19 am,

9.20.10 – The Deputy Prime Minister said tens of thousands would face intrusive new tax investigations, with millions more facing cuts in benefits, such as winter fuel payments, child benefit and free bus passes. The moves, unveiled at the Liberal Democrat conference, were designed to guarantee his popularity with mutinous grassroots members, but were described by critics as ‘bully boy tactics’

Britain goes halal… but no-one tells the public:

Sunday, Sep, 19 at 10:21 am,

9.19.10 – How famous institutions serve ritually slaughtered meat with no warning A Mail on Sunday investigation – which will alarm anyone concerned about animal cruelty – has revealed that schools, hospitals, pubs and famous sporting venues such as Ascot and Twickenham are controversially serving up meat prepared in accordance with strict Islamic law to unwitting members of the public.

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