China struggles with great divide

Sunday, Oct, 17 at 10:55 am,

10.17.10 – Peter Goodspeed – For the first time since the repression of pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square 21 years ago, China’s leaders are visibly grappling with competing concepts of social stability and freedom

China pressed on laureate's wife

Sunday, Oct, 10 at 9:42 am,

10.10.10 – Amid reports that wife of peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo has been detained, Amnesty seeks details about her whereabouts.

Rampant Fraud Threat to China's Brisk Ascent

Thursday, Oct, 07 at 11:22 am,

10.7.10 – BEIJING – No one disputes Zhang Wuben's talents as a salesman. Through television shows, DVDs and a best-selling book, he convinced millions of people that raw eggplant and immense quantities of mung beans could cure lupus, diabetes, depression and cancer.

India builds data network to reach the stars

Tuesday, Oct, 05 at 1:57 pm,

10.5.10 – NEW DELHI, India — A nondescript, Soviet-style government building houses several floors of offices with small cob-webbed cubicles, creaky furniture, squeaking fans and smelly restrooms. Ambitious new, high-speed data network promises to be a game-changer in India.

Pity the son of Kim Jong Il

Sunday, Oct, 03 at 11:24 am,

10.3.10 – Analysis: Why Kim Jong Un is exactly what North Korea does not need.

China to host UN climate talks

Sunday, Oct, 03 at 9:38 am,

10.3.10 – Thousands to converge in Tianjin with aim to set out clear objectives for annual climate summit amid pessimism.

Wikipedia co-founder: WikiLeaks was irresponsible

Wednesday, Sep, 29 at 9:51 am,

9.29.10 – KUALA LUMPUR: Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said Tuesday that whistle-blower website WikiLeaks' decision to publish entire contents of classified US military documents was irresponsible and could put innocent lives at risk.

China plays by its own currency rules

Friday, Sep, 24 at 9:49 am,

9.24.10 – Facing possibly "the biggest bubble in the history of finance", the Chinese government can forestall a domestic crisis only by raising interest rates, rather than aggravating risk through a hike in the value of its currency. Least of all will Beijing revalue the yuan under outside pressure, and the process must be non-transparent to deter influxes of speculative money. Washington just doesn't get it.

Microscopic hope for US-China space ties

Thursday, Sep, 23 at 9:14 am,

9.23.10 – A successful trip by two young American researchers to scour Shanghai for tardigrades, tiny animals also known as "water bears" that uniquely can survive the vacuum of space, has shown the potential of the United States and China in putting aside suspicions to collaborate in solving space's many mysteries.

Welcome to Chongqing: A city of 33 million that you've never heard of.

Wednesday, Sep, 22 at 10:57 am,

9.22.10 – CHONGQING, China — On most days, a thick blanket of fog and smog shrouds the city of Chongqing and its surrounding hills. Light rain beats down on the thousands of steps that weave up and down the city. The horn of a distant ship occasionally bellows out somewhere down the Yangtze River.

Designer babies, with an Indian twist

Tuesday, Sep, 21 at 12:39 pm,

9.21.10 – Saritha Rai – More and more Indians want egg donors, but only if they're from the right caste. BANGALORE, India — The couple was particular: the egg donor had to be under 25, fair, beautiful and educated. But most of all, she had to belong to their caste.

China rejects US demands over currency

Friday, Sep, 17 at 1:09 pm,

9.17.10 – BEIJING/New York – China warned on Thursday that obsessing over yuan appreciation would not solve trade problems in the United States and "might make things even worse", while economists view US demands as a political ploy ahead of midterm congressional elections.

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