Little Known News: A New Nation Emerges in Africa

Wednesday, Apr, 06 at 1:38 pm,

Peter Stern – Many people may not know or care that a new nation will be emerging in Africa. It will be the first time in the world that a new nation is formed since the U.S.S.R. was dismantled and 15 new nations gained their independence back in the 1990s.

In Yemen, top military commanders defect from Saleh regime

Tuesday, Mar, 22 at 10:51 am,

In Yemen, top military commanders defect from Saleh regime
1:21 pm ET – Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s half-brother defected today, deploying troops to protect demonstrators. Friday’s unprecedented violence led eight diplomats to resign.

Libyan rebels: Big on zeal, short on organization

Thursday, Mar, 17 at 10:56 am,

CAIRO — They have been big on revolutionary fervor, but short on organization and firepower. That fundamental weakness is haunting Libya’s rebels as Moammar Gadhafi’s forces roll back the opposition’s gains and threaten to defeat it completely

US sentences Somali pirates to life

Tuesday, Mar, 15 at 10:49 am,

Ruling against five men convicted of attacking a US navy ship is the harshest as world tries to curb piracy in Africa.

Fears of civil war in Cote d’Ivoire

Sunday, Mar, 13 at 11:08 am,

Spectre of a full-fledged war looms as bloody battles for power renew in the West African country and top cocoa grower.

Egypt opens up politcal space

Sunday, Mar, 13 at 11:07 am,

Military rulers move to scrap law that gave ex-president Mubarak virtual veto over establishment of political parties.

Battles rage over Libyan cities

Thursday, Mar, 10 at 10:54 am,

Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi pound Az-Zawiyah and Ras Lanuf as world debates imposition of a no-fly zone.

How Qaddafi helped fuel fury toward Africans in Libya

Monday, Mar, 07 at 11:38 am,

During the past few weeks of uprising in Libya, hundreds of African migrant workers have been detained, beaten, or harassed by Libyans due to reports that African mercenaries are fighting [...]

Priest killed, his throat slit, in Tunisia

Sunday, Feb, 20 at 11:28 am,

Last week I posted the video of hordes of Western, modern-looking Muslims attacking the Great Synagogue of Tunis to the chants of "Allahua Akbar!" and the genocial Islamic death chant:

African country set to make breaking wind — a crime…

Tuesday, Feb, 01 at 3:11 am,

Breaking wind is set to be made a crime in an African country. The government of Malawi plan to punish persistent offenders 'who foul the air' in a bid to 'mould responsible and disciplined citizens.'

Islamic extremist attacks resume

Monday, Nov, 01 at 1:31 pm,

11.1.10 – LAGOS, Nigeria — Boko Haram, Nigeria's extremist Islamic sect, has re-emerged to violently challenge the government in the country's north, after months of apparent inactivity following a brutal crackdown last year.

Battle for Mogadishu heats up

Thursday, Oct, 28 at 10:36 am,

10.28.10 – MOGADISHU, Somalia — It was a fairly typical Thursday in Mogadishu. By mid-morning, the fighting had already reached a fever pitch. Fighting rages as Al Shabaab extremists and government forces battle on streets.

South Africa's rhino war heats up

Wednesday, Oct, 27 at 11:22 am,

10.27.10 – PALALA, South Africa — The rhino owners of Palala, a community dotted with exotic game ranches deep in the bushveld of South Africa’s Waterberg mountains, don’t know who to trust.

Somali kidnappers free aid worker

Wednesday, Oct, 20 at 10:36 am,

10.20.10 – Save The Children charity denies reports it paid a $100,000 ransom to secure release of contractor seized last week.

'15,000 rapes in war-torn DR Congo'

Saturday, Oct, 16 at 10:45 am,

10.16.10 Where are the American liberals over this? UN envoy says scale of sexual attacks in eastern Congo is "enormous" and blames lack of peacekeepers for poor security.

African literature: Kenya's book fair draws crowds

Thursday, Oct, 14 at 11:04 am,

10.14.10 – NAIROBI, Kenya — The young man at the front of the tent mugs for the audience, his arms waving extravagantly, his steps comically exaggerated. He is telling a story in the local Swahili language, or more accurately performing African literature. African literature's top authors flock to Nairobi book festival.

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