Theresa Soares is a blogger, writer, and activist interested in dyslexia, creativity, and cerebro-diversity. Theresa entered her professional career as one of the youngest women ever to be hired by the United States Department of the Navy. After two years at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey California, she joined The Harry Singer Foundation in Carmel California where she currently leads philanthropic research and development. She is also the founding and current author of the Ghost-Lexia Blog, where she regularly writes on ways in which dyslexic entrepreneurship is challenging the status quo in both education, and work. On July 14th 2012, she released a blog post revealing how she was forced to submit her lowest ACT scores when she applied to college as a result of not receiving accommodations for her learning difference. This post is perhaps her most significant contribution to the anti-high stakes testing movement to date. Theresa is a student at Mills College in Oakland California where she is currently studying sociology, education, and journalism.