Year Round Education

Year Round Education

(Year-Round Education is also known as Year-Round School, Alternative Calendar, Extended School Year, Modified School Year, Continuous Learning Calendar, Education For All Seasons, the Balanced Calendar, and the Remedial Calendar.)


'"There is no evidence that indicates there's any difference in achievement between year-round and traditional schools," said Tom Payne, who is in charge of year-round education for the California Department of Education. The moral of the story is that the year-round school, like so many so-called education reforms, is like rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. The ship is still sinking.' (The Phoenix Gazette, EDITORIALS, Friday May 3, 1991 "Year-round fraud")


Wes Walker's Homepage: Opposition to Year Round School

It is generally accepted that those of previous generations enjoyed a higher quality of education. Something changed. The calendar has not changed.
Why is the calendar being blamed?

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You will find that this site opposes Year-Round Education. Never confuse bias with objective conclusion. We experienced it first hand.



"If year-round education were the traditional school calendar and had been so for 100 years or more, and if someone
came along to suggest a "new" calendar wherein students were to be educated for only nine months each year with
another three months free from organized instruction, would the American public allow, or even consider, such a calendar?"
- Charles Ballinger -

(Ballinger's question answered)

ad hominem (esp in phrase) argument ad hominem an argument directed to the personality, predjudices, previous words and actions of an opponent, rather than an appeal to pure reason. Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language, Lexicon Publications, Inc., Danbury CT. 1992.

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