DIVE announces Release of CLEP Professor

Digital Interactive Video Education (DIVE) announces the release of

CLEP Professor, a software series that prepares students for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Advanced Placement (AP) Exams. Each title in the series will provide interactive video lectures that teach each concept tested for on the corresponding CLEP or AP exam. CLEP Professor for College Algebra, CLEP Professor for Pre-Calculus, and CLEP Professor for Chemistry will be available for purchase in early spring 2008. CLEP test preparation courses for Biology, Calculus and Physics will be available late summer 2008. Each course will retail for $39.

CLEP and AP exams, administered by the College Board and accepted by over 2900 colleges and universities nationwide, allow students to earn college credit by passing an exam instead of taking the college course. Soaring tuition prices have many homeschool parents looking for alternative ways to provide their children with a high quality college education. While CLEP and AP exams, costing about $80 per test to gain three to eight college credits, look inviting, many students struggle with learning college level material without a teacher.

CLEP Professor provides that teacher.

Here's how it works:

First, students complete their high school course such as Saxon Algebra II.

Next students take the CLEP Professor diagnostic test on the CD-ROM. This test saves valuable time by determining which CLEP Professor lessons a student needs to complete.

The student watches the lessons, taking notes and working sample problems.

Students will then complete 10- 15 practice problems to ensure retention of the new topic. Video whiteboard solutions provide step-by-step instruction for each practice problem.

Once a student has completed all the assigned lessons, a computer based practice exam is taken to determine readiness for the actual CLEP exam. Each question on the practice exam is keyed to the CLEP Professor lesson in which the topic is taught. This allows students to quickly re-learn a missed concept, ensuring long term retention. Video whiteboard solutions provide step-by-step instruction for each exam question. Each title contains three practice tests, giving students ample opportunities to master the content.

When the student receives the necessary score on the practice test, the student is ready for the College Board exam. Each CLEP Professor preparation course should take an average of 3-4 weeks to complete.

Dr. David Shormann is the instructor. He has over 15 years of experience teaching math and science at the high school and college level. After receiving a B.S. from the University of Texas in Aerospace Engineering, a Masters Degree from the University of Texas in Marine Chemistry and a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, Dr Shormann dedicated his life to serving the Lord by serving the homeschool community. He has taught hands-on science labs, math classes, and science camps to thousands of homeschoolers in the Houston area. In his new book,

The Exchange of Truth, Dr. Shormann uses Scripture, math, and science to expose the lie of evolution and reveal the devastating effects of exchanging the truth of creation for the lie of evolution. However, Dr. Shormann is best known for his award winning DIVE Into Math series of interactive whiteboard lectures that teach Saxon Math 54 thru Calculus and Physics. Over 50,000 homeschool families use the DIVE Into Math CD-ROMs to assure their students receive a high quality math education from a distinctly Christian worldview. Dr. Shormann believes, "Math is a God-given tool used to study and understand His creation". This philosophy permeates his teaching, encouraging students to do excellent work and to take advantage of the opportunity God has given them.

While each

CLEP Professor Preparation course will be available as a stand alone product, DIVE will include one free course on each appropriate DIVE Into Math CD. Therefore DIVE Algebra II will include the College Algebra CLEP preparation course, DIVE Advanced Math will include the Pre-Calculus CLEP course, DIVE Calculus will include the Calculus CLEP course, and DIVE Physics will include the Physics AP prep course.

For more information on these exciting new products, please contact the DIVE sales team at 936-372-9216, sales@diveintomath.com. The website, www.clepprofessor.com will be launched January 1, 2008.


April 30th, 2008

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